"Determination of diet by DNA-research"

We all know that each of us is unique. There are differences that we see with the naked eye, such as eye and hair color. But there are also discrepancies invisible to us: our body differently assimilates nutrients, takes with toxins and reacts to different types of exercises. We can very selectively choose clothes that will accentuate our eyes, but in terms of weight loss and healthy lifestyle we are used to follow certain rules "for all". Why?

Genetically, we are almost identical, but in every gene there are variations. It is in the combination of these tiny differences that our individuality is determined, it makes us who we are. If you want to get fit, build muscle or just want to eat healthy food, contact your body, your genetics contains valuable information about the best way for you to do it.

The company MyGenetics offers everyone to get to know their body and learn about its true needs. Using the knowledge in the field of nutrietics and nutrigenomics, the creators of the project understand each language and give answers to nutrition and lifestyle questions.

Having performed a simple procedure for collecting genetic material for DNA analysis, anyone can get their personal report, which will contain information on the metabolism of certain substances, the optimal type of physical activity and, of course, an effective diet to maintain the body in excellent shape.

Everyone who cares about his health, who wants to prolong his life, remains active and energetic, who is not ready to experiment with his body, trying to lose weight by all known methods, to all athletes aimed at the result and parents, who are responsible for the upbringing of their child DNA testing will be invaluable.

Your future is in your hands. You can forever change your idea of a healthy lifestyle by getting an individual and really understandable report. You can achieve your goals, whatever they are!