"The scope of our CHECK UP diagnostics"

Purpose of medical diagnostics

Chateau Spa&Resort conducts a set of comprehensive medical diagnostics enabling our specialists to accurately identify your propensity to develop various types of diseases. These include: gynaecological and oncological illnesses, cardiovascular system disorders and weight issues among others.

What are the benefits?

The whole-body diagnostics offers:

  • Accurate diagnosis with state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Ability to identify diseases even in the absence of obvious symptoms
  • Detailed analysis of your body’s weaknesses in order to prevent the development of serious diseases and physiological disorders
  • A personalized approach from our professional team
  • In-depth results beyond your previous diagnostics and examinations

The scope of the comprehensive diagnostic

The stages of the Check Up process include:

  • Laboratorial and instrumental examinations for early diagnosis of serious diseases
  • Accurate diagnosis based on the obtained information and medical examination results
  • Personalized comprehensive treatment programs based on your peculiarities (gender, age, etc.).

What is the target audience (gender, health problems, age)?

The comprehensive diagnostics are recommended for individuals of any age and health group. However, there is a certain list of recommendations for each segment:

  • at the age of 20-29 we suggest you get examined by a gynaecologist, physician, and have general samples taken
  • at the age of 30-39 guests should extend their examination to electrocardiography, ultrasound of abdomen & vessels and the examination by an ophthalmologist.
  • at the age of 40-49 we suggest guests add X-ray, gastroscopy, mammography, and ultrasound of cardiovascular system.
  • 50+ all the above-mentioned should be supplemented with a colonoscopy and an examination by a neurologist.

Please note that these are only general guidelines. Each particular case requires individual medical consultation and approach.

Whole body examination – Basic Check Up program

This is an extensive program of medical diagnostics, which includes a consultation with a physician, vegetative resonance testing (VRT), and Mediscreen. The purpose of this program is to identify your risk factors and probability of developing serious diseases at the seed stage of their development and to recognize disorders in the absence of obvious symptoms.

Scope of the Basic Check Up program

The Basic Check Up program is designed as a package of practices allowing us to perform diagnostics intended to identify risk factors of any existing and potential serious diseases. This allows us to develop a personalised program based on your peculiarities and unique health indications (based on VRT diagnosis).

Diagnostic procedures included in the program are as follows:

  • Vegetative resonance testing (diagnostics by VRT)
  • ECG placement and interpretation
  • Thermal imaging
  • Bio impedance analysis of body composition
  • ECG and blood pressure monitoring
  • Whole-body ultrasound

Furthermore, the program offers laboratory testing:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) and urinalysis
  • Coagulation testing
  • Biochemical blood analysis
  • Hormonal panel
  • Smear examination
  • Onco-screening panel for female clients
  • Screening for hospital admissions

Based on the results of diagnostics and laboratory tests, our physician, dentist, gynecologist and cosmetologist will give you medical advice and develop a tailored program for prevention and treatment of revealed disorders.

Based on the diagnostical results and laboratory tests, your physician, dentist, gynaecologist and cosmetologist will develop a tailored program and provide medical advice for treatment and prevention of revealed disorders.

We offer the above package of procedures including the Basic Check Up program for 18,000 rubbles.

Express examination – Check Up VRT program

Vegetative resonance test (VRT) is a method of electropuncture diagnostics based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine that helps to identify risks of pathology development.

With 93% accuracy rate, VRT is similar to ultrasound, but it outperforms the latter in terms of coverage. It can predict the results of treatment procedures and the necessity to modify treatment strategies. VRT is a highly personalised system, which makes it the key examination method, due to its analytical precision, advanced and comfortable examination technique and reasonable pricing.

The scope of the VRT Check Up program

The Check Up VRT examination provides a package of treatments allowing us to develop a tailored-made program based on your unique disposition and responsiveness to physical treatments. It can also accurately predict your current health condition and reveal any latent pathologies

Consultation with a physician. A talk with our attentive doctor- a member of our professional team, is the first stage in our step-by-step examination. Our doctor will carefully listen to your concerns and discomforts and determine your overall goal. This will allow us to not only take note of your current health condition, but also narrow the scope of the VRT examination. The In depth VRT analysis will allow us to focus deeper on the nature of your problem and get to the root of it.

Vegetative resonance testing (VRT). This method has long proved itself as a highly effective diagnostic approach to body examination. VRT is based on the principles of electropuncture diagnostics used in traditional Chinese medicine, but is supplemented with the latest medical technologies. This method uses biologically active points on wrists and feet in order to scan your body with varying frequencies and identify pathologies (if any) with the amplitude of oscillations. It is also highly effective at detecting any potential systematic and organ disorders and consequently determine an effective treatment plan based on your disposition.

We offer the whole package of procedures included in the Check Up VRT for about 3,000 rubbles.

Weight loss/maintenance program

Excess weight and metabolic disorders are becoming more and more common in the modern world. For this reason, our specialists developed a field-specific diagnostic program designed to tackle weight related unbalances.

Overweight/Underweight Check Up program components

This program offers a number of diagnostic procedures and consultations with specialists in this area.

  • Vegetative Resonance Testing (VRT)
  • Laboratory diagnostics (a set of necessary analyses)
  • Functional diagnostics
  • Haemoscanning (Live blood analysis)
  • Ultrasound diagnostic of various organs
  • Expert medical advice based on your results (general practitioner, endocrinologist, psychologist, functional diagnostics specialist).


You will receive an in-depth analysis and professional recommendations regarding your current physical condition.

  • Review of diagnostic and laboratory results
  • A calculated meal plan based on your diagnostic and laboratory findings
  • Drawing up a weighing and measuring plan
  • A psychological support session with our psychologist.

With this program you will get an extensive and professional medical check-up and advice from experienced doctors.

We offer Weight Loss and Maintenance Check up program for 18,000 rubles.

Cardiovascular System Examination

Life in a modern city can be stressful and overwhelming. Individuals constantly need to keep up with the high pace of city life, which in turn can take a toll on your heart. The main objective of this program is to assess the health of your cardiovascular system and identify any potential cardiovascular diseases and prevent their development.

Components of Cardio Check Up

The current program examines the health of your cardiovascular system by executing a complete set of diagnostic and preventive procedures. We will develop an individual treatment program based on attained laboratory and diagnostical results.

  • Vegetative Resonance Testing (VRT)
  • Complex laboratory diagnostics: onco screening (cancer screening), hormones analysis, chemistry panel and urine chemistry, unfolded coagulogram, d-dimer and smear test
  • Ultrasound diagnostic of the heart and other organs
  • Functional diagnostics (ECG, video colposcopy)

Based on the obtained test results- a team of our qualified medical specialists will develop an individual medical treatment program. The personalised program will include the necessary adjustments needed to be introduced into your lifestyle in order to improve and heal your cardiovascular system.

The Check Up Cardio program starts from 18,000 rubles

Pelvic examination

The risk of oncological disease increases annually due to higher stress levels, genetic predisposition and environmental pollution. Early detection of oncological diseases is the most effective way to inhibit them from developing. Henceforth, timely diagnostics enables to identify the risks and eliminate factors, which contribute to oncological diseases and cancer development.

Gynaecological Check Up program components

This program offers the following diagnostic procedures and consultations with medical specialists:

  • Preliminary consultation with a diagnostician for anamnesis collection
  • Laboratory diagnostics (i.e. complete blood count, chemistry panel, urine chemistry, PCA and tumor markers, lipid metabolism and bacterial inflammatory markers CRP)
  • Medical ultrasound of abdominal organs
  • Blood pressure checks
  • ECG
  • Computer tomography of the brain
  • General physical and kinesiological examination

The above test results will then enable our specialists to create an individual treatment program. The aim of the program is to detect malignant neoplasms, treat oncological pathologies (if any), as well as prevent potential cancer development.

Price of pelvic examination with Check Up Gynaecological program starts from 18,000 rubbles.