Chateau Resort&Spa offers a wide range of services, including healthcare, physiotherapy, and dental services. Our strategy is to engineer tailor-made programs based on your individual disposition to achieve long-lasting results. 

Scope of our medical services

Diagnostic and treatment services

Our goal is to help your body and mind achieve its optimal health condition. We realize that your biochemistry and physique is unique and requires a personalized approach for durable and safe results. This is why we attend to our guests with extra caution and care. Each guest will pass through a process of consultations and physical examinations. Based on your results we develop a unique program, which fits your disposition best. Chateau Resort&Spa owns a cutting-edge medical laboratory and is able to generate quick and accurate results in less than 24 hours. Our qualified doctors make an accurate diagnosis, develop a detailed treatment program and supervise your progress during and after your stay. Find out more about our various diagnostic techniques.

Remedial gymnastics

Remedial gymnastics are traditional but efficient procedures for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

We develop personalized programs and exercises that include:

  • Kinesiotherapy sessions “range of motion” (ROM) to relieve post injury pain and restore and/or improve muscular strength and endurance
  • Aquatic therapy therapeutic swimming in pools with to strengthen the body and improve your immune system
  • Breathing gymnastics by Strelnikova’s method to oxygenate all tissues and organs
  • SPA zone therapy (Charcot’s douche, circular and fan douche)
  • Personalized gym workouts with a professional dedicated fitness instructor

Physiotherapeutic procedures

Physiotherapy procedures have proven to be effective and safe methods to promote biochemical efficiency and stimulate your body to recover from past injuries.

To achieve the best results we use the following cutting edge physiotherapy equipment:

  • Electrophoresis small doses of electric currents that ensure safe delivery of necessary drugs and vitamins to your molecular system
  • Magnet therapy advanced technologies, which utilize magnetic fields to promote therapeutic effects on the human body and help treat certain medical conditions
  • Combined phonophoresis methods application of low-frequency ultrasound waves to aid medication absorption beneath body tissues
  • Laser therapy, pulsed electrotherapy and shockwave therapy

Dental services

Our highly qualified dentists use first class equipment to provide a range of dental services aimed to treat teeth, gums and prevent caries formation.

A package of dental services includes:

  • Hygienic manipulations to prevent diseases of teeth and gums
  • Ultrasonic scaling and polishing
  • Fluorine-containing formulations application to strengthen dental enamel and relieve teeth sensitivity
  • Dental fissure sealing
  • Professional teeth cleaning with the Air-Flow device