Detoxification and Weight Loss program

Weight unbalances are a common phenomenon, often caused by disorders in the digestive and endocrine systems. Preventing and treating such disorders is crucial for your well-being and general health condition.

Our medical specialists developed a detoxication program, which cleanses your body from toxins and reduces toxins-related damage, facilitating weight loss and increasing your natural resistance to harmful influences.


This 14-day program (we recommend taking this program every 6 months) provides the following results:

  • Weight loss up to 7 kg in 7 days
  • Restart and Boosting metabolic processes (via blood sugar and cholesterol regulation)
  • Immunity enhancement and chronic fatigue, joint aches, muscle pain etc elevation
  • Digestive problems correction
  • Skin quality improvement
  • Mental and emotional state improvement

The scope of the Detoxication and Weight Loss program

This program includes high-quality diagnostics and medical program treatment plan based on the following procedures:

  • Detailed diagnostic of your body with Vegetative Resonance Testing (VRT)
  • Laboratory diagnostics (complete blood count, chemistry panel, Onсo Screening)
  • Comprehensive whole-body medical ultrasound
  • Functional diagnostics (ECG, body composition measurement and thermal imaging)
  • Haemoscanning (Live blood analysis), controlled bowel cleansing, medicinal and herbal cleansing packages, etc.

Each guest of Chateau Spa&Resort is provided with the following services 

During your stay in Chateau Spa&Resort we offer a range of beneficial services for your health:

  • Professional medical advice and round-the-clock observation (physician, dermatologist-cosmetician, functional diagnostics specialist)
  • Daily therapeutic swimming
  • Sauna and hammam
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Three meals a day based on your individual preferences and diet recommendations of your attending physician.