Therapy Method

Эндоэкологическая реабилитация


Endoecological Rehabilitation

This comprehensive program comprises impacts ensuring excretion of toxic substances out of the body along the steps of the humoral transport, beginning from ecological space of cells through to eliminative organs.
The program is intended both for healthy people or people having diseases.

Significant improvement in functioning of all the eliminative organs and systems is achieved through integrated appliance of the following techniques:

  • calorie restriction and separate nutrition;
  • juice therapy and herbal medicine;
  • hydrocolonotherapy (controlled cleansing of intestines) making it possible to normalize bowel function and eliminate toxins.
  • comprehensive ultrasound investigation;
  • lymphatic drainage procedures using both manual massage and hardware systems — LPG and Alpha capsule;
  • therapeutic exercise, breathing practices, health path;
  • SPA manipulations;
  • psychoemotional release in the dark sensory room;
  • bioresonance therapy, the essence of which is to correct the body's functions by exposure to electromagnetic radiation with strictly ranged characteristics;
  • pharmaceutical treatment on doctor’s orders with the use of lymphotropic therapy.

It is advisable to undergo treatment every six months.


The program combines expertise in medicine, physiology and sport. In addition to physical therapy, it includes a system of regular breathing, nutrition and hydrotherapeutic procedures. The problems solved by KINESIOTHERAPY methods are as follows:

  • acute and chronic backache without pain management medications;
  • spinal disc herniation in osteochondrosis cases without surgical procedures;
  • mobilization of major joints (shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, elbow arthritis);
  • rehabilitation after replacement arthroplasty of large joints and after spine surgeries;
  • rehabilitation after spinal compression fractures;
  • rehabilitation and prevention of scoliosis, flat foot and other postural disorders;
  • devising corrective programs for infantile cerebral paralysis and for people with severe coexisting symptoms in cases of musculoskeletal system diseases (Bekhterev's disease, rheumatoid arthritis);
  • new rehabilitation technologies in the therapy of gynecological diseases (splanchnoptosis, chronic pelvis pain) including in case of osteochondrosis with spinal disc herniation, CHD, allergic asthma, etc.);
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, devising comprehensive programs aimed at stress release and vital tone improvement;