Chateau Spa & Resort in Rostov-on-Don

Château Spa & Resort combines a luxury five-star hotel and a renowned private health center. Located at the picturesque river bank Don, the quiet and calm location is the perfect environment for restoring health and taking a relaxing break from the vibrant city.

We have developed personal medical programs and offer high-quality services and medical check-ups. These allow our Doctors and experts to identify early symptoms of potential health issues and treat the existent ones. Effective prevention is the key to restore vitality and combat the effects of aging.

Additionally, our establishment provides luxurious well-being programs that allow our guests to fully rejuvenate and recapture youth. We offer a variety of SPA treatments, cosmetology programs, different types of massages, sauna and baths. Our team of medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment provide assistance with weight loss, body rejuvenation, body sculpting, skin care, body detoxication and more.

Our resort offers unique and fun activities such as horse riding, bicycle rides, boating trips, fishing, parachute jumping, golf and excursions to the heart of Rostov. You can also fully relax and rejuvenate in our luxurious spa area and swimming pool.

Our professional chefs will treat you to a large variety of healthy meals made from local products grown on our farm.

Access; there are several ways to get to Chateau Spa&Resort:

  • Hotel transfers; Platov airport is located merely 40 minutes from Chateau Spa&Resort, please contact our reservation team for individual transfers.
  • You can also reach us by water, Chateau Spa&Resort has its own berth on the Don river.
  • Our premises is equipped with a helipad should you want to arrive by helicopter.
  • Should you come by your car, please exit at Olginskaya from highway M4.