Residence rules

Accommodation Rules and Internal Regulations in Sanatorium Chateau Spas


1.1. The Accommodation Rules and Internal Regulations (hereinafter Rules) in Sanatorium Chateau Spas (hereinafter Sanatorium) have been developed in accordance with the current law of the Russian Federation.

1.2. The Sanatorium is intended for accommodation of individuals for the period when health Sanatorium services are provided to them. For the purpose of these Rules, individuals receiving Sanatorium, medical or other services in the Sanatorium and any persons staying in the Sanatorium rooms are referred to as Guests.

1.3. Any persons – Guests, accompanying persons, Sanatorium staff – attending the Sanatorium grounds are required to comply with the Rules.

1.4. The Rules have been developed to ensure safe and comfortable recreation and health promotion for all the Sanatorium’s Guests, to safeguard their interests and property.

1.5. The Rules and full details on the Sanatorium are available for everyone interested and brought to the notice of stakeholders by publishing on the official website and information boards throughout the Sanatorium.

1.6 Arrival, accommodation or stay of a person in the Sanatorium in order to receive the services of any kind is considered to be an unconditional consent of such persons or their representatives to comply with these Rules of accommodation in the Sanatorium.

1.7. Accommodation Rules and Internal Regulations for Guests are established by the Sanatorium.


2.1. Guests admitted for health Sanatorium treatment, comprehensive health care or hotel service are accommodated in the Sanatorium under terms and conditions provided in the concluded contracts and/or purchased vouchers in line with the Accommodation Rules established in the Sanatorium.

2.2. Reception and accommodation of Guests in the Sanatorium is performed on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week. The arrival time to the Sanatorium is 2:00 pm; the departure time is 12:00 pm. A room may be allocated before 2:00 pm only subject to availability of unoccupied rooms ready for new guests.

2.3. Upon check-in, a Guest is required to sign a registration form to acknowledge that they have read and understood these rules.

2.4. When a stay is less than 24 hours, a Guest is charged a daily room rate (24 hours) regardless of the checkout time.

2.5. In the event of a late check-out, the accommodation rates are as follows:

  • 4 to 12 hours after a check-out hour are charged as 12 hours;
  • 12 to 24 hours after a check-out hour are charged as 24 hours.

2.6. Payment for the first 24 hours should be made upon the check-in. The bill for services rendered is issued at check-out after the room has been checked by the staff.

2.7. Booking that is not confirmed one calendar day before the arrival will be automatically cancelled.

2.8. Guests are checked in and out strictly according to dates coordinated with a Sanatorium Manager. If a Guest having a confirmed booking arrives late, the stay is not extended and money for the delay hours is not refunded.

2.9. Where the arrival time based on confirmed booking is not observed, the Sanatorium does not guarantee the arranged category of the room, and may accommodate a Guest in one of unoccupied rooms available.

2.10. If late arrival to the Sanatorium is due to good reasons (acts of nature, illness or delay during travel for reasons beyond control etc.), the Sanatorium Management may retrieve treatment duration upon application indicating the reasons of delay.

2.11. The Sanatorium may refuse to receive Guests without identification documents or being in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

2.12 The services in the Sanatorium are paid for in Russian rubles by cash or noncash settlement in accordance with the Price List approved by Director.

2.13. Upon check-in, a Guest is required to present the passport of the Russian Federation or international passport (for foreign citizens), and documents confirming the booking. In addition, a Guest is required to submit accompanying medical documents: a fluorogram and medical record.

2.14. Upon accommodation in the room, a Guest should visually inspect furniture and linen for faults or absence of any items offered in the room specification. In the event of any fault or absence of any item, please do not hesitate to inform a room maid or a manager.

2.15. The Sanatorium may refuse to accommodate or provide services to:

  • persons without identification documents, vouchers, referrals;
  • persons who failed to pay the price of a voucher, treatment, service;
  • minors without adult supervision;
  • persons with diseases to be treated in specialized or inpatient facilities;
  • persons with adverse health conditions for treatment in the Sanatorium;
  • persons with animals (cats, dogs, birds etc.);
  • persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • persons showing aggression and disrespect in rude forms, affording wrong behavior or use of disrespectful language toward the Sanatorium’s staff and other Guests;
  • persons who during the treatment refuse to provide the doctor with reliable information or have provided false information about their health, previous diseases and treatment methods.

2.16. The Sanatorium Management reserves the right not to admit children under 17 years old. All responsibility for children’s stay in the Sanatorium, having meals in the feeding area, observing the Accommodation Rules and receiving medical procedures by them is borne by their parents with a written confirmation.

2.17 In execution of Law No.109-FZ dated 18 July 2006 “On Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Russian Federation”, the Sanatorium carries out the formalities and sends a notice to the Federal Migration Service about arrival of a foreign citizen or a stateless person to the place of stay within the territory of the Russian Federation. The Sanatorium may refuse to accommodate Guests without documents confirming their lawful presence in the Russian Federation in accordance with Law No.109-FZ dated 18 July 2006.

2.18. Parking space is provided in the guarded parking of the Sanatorium free of charge.

2.19. Wet cleaning of the rooms takes place once a day. Room’s linen and towels are changed daily or on the Guest’s request.

2.20. To attend a SPA area, it is required to undergo a minimum medical examination as prescribed by the doctor.

2.21 In accordance with Federal Law No. 15-FZ dated 23 February 2013, Art.12 p.2 “On Health Protection from Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of Tobacco Consumption”, the consumption of tobacco products throughout the territory of the Sanatorium is forbidden.

2.22. In accordance with Federal Law No. 171-FZ dated 22.11.1995 (Rev. as of 03.07.2016) “On the State Regulation of the Production and Distribution of Ethanol, Alcoholic, and Alcohol-Containing Products and on the Consumption Constraint of the Alcoholic Products”, consumption and sale of alcoholic products throughout the territory of the Sanatorium is forbidden.


3.1 The Sanatorium is responsible for safety of personal belongings kept in the room excluding money, other currency valuables, securities and other objects of great value that are not deposited in a safe deposit box.

3.2 In order to ensure safety of their belongings, Guests are required to lock the room with a key. Guests are required to keep the key on them or hand it in to a receptionist.

3.3. A person who identified loss, deficiency or damage with regard to their belongings, must without delay report the case to the Sanatorium Management or Internal Control Service personnel in charge. The Sanatorium uses its best efforts to search for the lost things.

3.4. The Sanatorium is exempt from the liability for loss, deficiency or damage with regard to Guests’ belongings, if it occurs through Guests’ fault.

3.5. If lost property is found, the Sanatorium Management takes actions for returning it to the owner. If the owner’s whereabouts are not known, an inventory of lost things is made and they are deposited into the Sanatorium’s holding room for the period up to 3 months.

3.6. All persons having a rest or receiving services in the Sanatorium are expected to take due care of the Sanatorium’s property and equipment, third parties’ belongings and green plants, maintain cleanliness and behave in an orderly manner.

3.7. All persons having a rest or receiving services in the Sanatorium are fully liable for all their visitors present in the territory of the Sanatorium and financially liable in conformity with Section 5 of these Rules.


4.1. Guests of the Sanatorium are required to observe the following rules:

1) comply with the accommodation rules and regulations of fire safety

2) follow the daily routine established in the Sanatorium, respect the night rest between 11:00 p.m. and 08:00 a.m.,

3) observe the requirements to sanitary condition of the room,

4) take good care of the Sanatorium property, keep clean and tidy,

5) turn off the lights, TV, taps, close the windows and the door when leaving the room;

6) upon expiry of the accommodation period, vacate the room in the following order:

  • inform the Manager on your intention to vacate,
  • return the room keys/entrance card to the Manager and if they are lost pay penalty according to the Price List,
  • settle in full for the provided services.
  • 7) in case of emergency follow the instructions of the personnel and the evacuation plan.

    4.2. Guests staying in the Sanatorium are forbidden to:

    1) bring visitors without authorization of the Sanatorium Management and allow them stay overnight,

    2) leave any visitors alone in the room or give them the room keys;

    3) keep bulky things, weapons, inflammable substances and materials;

    4) smoke in the rooms, corridors, toilets, on the balconies, in the territory of the Sanatorium pursuant to Federal Law No5-FZ “On Health Protection From Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and the Effects of Tobacco Consumption” dated 23.02.2013,

    5) bring any birds or animals to the territory of the Sanatorium and/or keep them in the room,

    6) throw rubbish out of the windows, from the balcony,

    7) change the room without permission;

    8) put up posters, flyers on the walls, lay out promotional materials etc.,

    9) start fire;

    10) take dishes and food from dining area or eat outside the Restaurant,

    11) bring alcoholic drinks to the Restaurant, dining area or the territory for consumption or bring food purchased outside the Sanatorium territory,

    12) keep weapons, explosive, inflammable, caustic and toxic substances. Those guests entitled to keep and bear weapons due to their activity, are to present the relevant confirming documents at the request of the Sanatorium Management. The term weapons is defined in the Law of the Russian Federation “On weapons”,

    13) keep and use pyrotechnical products without authorization,

    14) put the volume of an audio system too high (exceeding the volume that is audible only inside the room),

    15) leave any powered up electrical devices unattended (TV sets, lamps, etc.),

    4.3. The Management of the Sanatorium reserves the right to visit the room without consent of the Guest in case of smoke, fire, flood or violation by any Guests of these guidelines, public order, rules of using household appliances.


    5.1. The Sanatorium will not take any responsibility for unlawful acts of its Guests committed during their stay and treatment. The Guests undertake to compensate for any damage to the Sanatorium and/or third parties in full.

    5.2. In case of damage/loss of the Sanatorium’s property by any Guest, the Management will make Act of damaged (lost) property evaluation based on which such Guest must compensate for the damages incurred at the prices valid as at the accommodation period.

    5.3. Parents or other legal representatives bear full responsibility for the behavior and actions of their minors within the territory of the Sanatorium.

    5.4. In case of disturbance of any Guest’s rest, public order or crude violation of the Sanatorium’s daily routine, such guests are to be evicted by the order of the Director.

    6. CHECK OUT

    6.1. Before the check out and leaving, the room shall be inspected by the Sanatorium’s staff.

    6.2. Should the Guest not checked-out within the time specified in a registration log, you will be offered to pay for the extended stay in the Sanatorium (subject to the availability of rooms) otherwise measures will be taken to evict the Guest.

    6.3. At the check-out, no food or box lunches are provided.