Therapeutic baths in Chateau Spa&Resort

We offer various types of baths as a part of comprehensive medical treatment of diseases and disorders. Specific medical indications from our physicians will identify a bath that will be suitable for a therapeutic session.

  • Hydromassage baths. These baths generate pressured water jets that massage selected parts of the body. This bath type provides a comfortable session and prevents muscoskeletal disorders.
  • Iodide-bromine baths. The therapeutic bath regulates the deficiency in iodine and bromine that are crucial in thyroid disorders and various diseases of the endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems. The bath improves brain functions, stimulates the metabolism and supplements cancer therapy.
  • Sea-water baths. Sea water baths are effectively used since centuries. The bath decreases a risk of heart attack, optimizes heart functions, prevents muscle cramps, helps relieving symptoms of psoriasis, arthritis, vegetovascular dystonia, and prevents frequent colds.

Our therapeutic baths nourishes the body with essential minerals and facilitates your recovery.