Horseback riding in Chateau Spa&Resort

Sharing time with a horse is wonderful. Chateau Spa&Resort has its own small horse farm with qualified instructors just several minutes away from our health center. Whether you are a professional rider or a beginner, you can experience horseback riding in our unique entourage. Our animals appreciate a tasty snack and petting, so feel free to talk to our friendly concierge team and we can arrange horseback riding lessons or just a sightseeing tour of our horse farm alike.

For experienced riders and horse racing enthusiasts we offer a trip to the hippodrome located in the heart of Rostov. At the hippodrome you will be able to attend horse racing tournaments or train in the local arena and put yourself in the shoes of a real jokey.

Seasonal racing usually takes place every Sunday, contact our concierge team for more information

Health benefits of horseback riding

Horseback riding is not just a healthy productive sport, but a fun outdoor activity. Here are some horseback riding effects:

  • Improve your emotional state You will be flooded with positive emotions
  • Develop and strengthen muscles
  • Vestibular system enhancement
  • Increase your metabolism